Lawn care

I had spread grass seeds last week and since then I have had so many birds in my lawn from dawn to dusk! Applied lawn feed for first time yesterday. Lawn is all dry and brown. Hopefully it will recover…

Summer sowing continued

Have sowed now some late summer flowering and scented bulbs. Also sown Coreopsis Seeds – Early Sunrise Delphinium Seeds – Delight Mix Hollyhock Seeds – Chater’s Mix Lupin Seeds – Russell Mix Gaillardia Seeds – Goblin Mirabilis Seeds – Marbles…

more annuals

I seperated geraniums and gave them each a new pot. Bought some dahlias and planted them in pots. last week also planted some mums which I got from lidl and planted out few red annual salvias. garden is looking good.

Summer sowing started

Have sowed Coreopsis Seeds – Early Sunrise Digitalis Seeds – Speckled Spires Mix Chrysanthemum leucanthemum maximum ‘Crazy Daisy’ Iberis sempervirens ‘Snowflake’ Rudbeckia hirta `Goldilocks’ Campanula portenschlagiana Echinacea purpurea  

A big clear out

I have taken two days of leave and started with removing weeds. Everything is so hard to remove. The garden hasnt been watered for months and weather has been dry for many days. Soil is rock hard and after spending…