Acidic soil plants

Selecting Plants for Acidic soil

A great many plants thrive in acidic soil, headed by the rhododendrons, azaleas and callunas. These come in a wide range of shapes and colours, and in sizes to suit the smallest garden. Gaultheria, pernet-tya, kalmia and pieris are other shrubs that are happiest in acid conditions.

Some experts include camellias, corylopsis, ericas, hamamelis, hydrangeas, magnolias and sarcococcas in the acid-loving group of shrubs, strictly speaking, though, all they ask is a lime-free soil (pH 6.51). They aren’t usually bothered about how acidic it is.

Most trees tolerate most soils, but ginkgo, the tulip tree liriodendron I. stuartia and oaks positively revel in acid soil. So do peren¬≠nials like alliums and campanulas, dicentras and dog’s-tooth violets, primulas and cow¬≠slips, many lilies and. especially, the autumn-flowering gentian- Gentiana sino-ornata.

You can also take a close look at adjacent gardens. It is unlikely that yours would be an isolated plot of acid soil, and as a rule the plants that flourish in your neighbours’ gardens will also thrive in yours.