Bamboo Hedge Screen

There are two species of bamboo worth recommending for screen­ing Arundinaria anceps and A. japonica. The first, best for the smaller garden, has a rampant yet graceful habit. Its shiny green canes grow up to 10ft and throw out arching fronds of glossy mid-green leaves.


A. japonica reaches a height of 10-15ft. Its olive-green canes are topped by large and glossy, dark green leaves. It is an imposing, thicket-forming species, really suitable only for the larger garden.

Some types of bamboo make excellent screens – though not strictly speaking, hedges, which are usually hardwood shrubs requiring training and clipping.

Remember that most bamboos, while hardy, dislike open gardens where they are exposed to strong winds and although they will exist happily on many different soil types, they prefer a higher-than-average moisture content.