Growing crisphead lettuce

The leaves of crisphead lettuce are large, curled and, as the name suggests, pleasantly crunchy. The old favourite Webb’s Wonferful, withstands heat and drought better than most.

How to grow crisphead lettuce

Lettuces need light, moisture-retentive soil, For till protected plants, sow seed in the open at fortnightly intervals from mid spring to late summer. Crisphead varieties of cabbage lettuce are not as well suited to over wintering as butte rhead types, Thin out the seedlings as soon as they can he handled. Keep the beds free of weeds and water the plants well.

Harvesting  crisphead lettuce

In warm wea ther, lettuces of all types run to seed (bolt’) quickly, so check regularly and pick mature plants as soon as they are ready. Pick in the cool morning if you can.

Pests and diseases

Aphids; slugs Diseases include damping-off diseases and mildew if weather conditions are cold and dattip.

Crisphead lettuce growing tips

When growing hearting lettuces stagger the plants in adjacent rows for the best use of space. While these are young, grow a seedling crop in the spaces, using up leftover seeds of loose leaf varieties and cutting off young leaves.

Cultivation summary

– suitable for growing in small plot

– prefers sunny location

– seeds sown 2cm/0.75 inch apart in rows 30cm/12in apart

– thin seedlings to 30cm/12inch apart

– cropping takes around 2-3 months