growing cucumbers in greenhouse

Greenhouse cucumbers need careful attention but as few as two plants can be very productive.

How to grow cucumbers

– Three weeks before planting, prepare a special cucumber bed on the greenhouse floor, using a mixture of 2 parts well-rotted organic manure to 1 part peat or loam.

– Build the beds 6Ocm/2ft wide, 45cm/18in deep with a domed top. Cover with a 15cm/6in layer of peat or loam.

– Water liberally and keep the temperature constant at 21-25/7o-75F.

– In late winter/early spring sow seeds singly in 9-cm/3 Vs-in pots at the above temperature.

– After germination, give the seedlings maximum light and reduce the temperature slightly.

– At the three-leaf stage, pot on to 14cm pots. Water and spray very thoroughly to maintain essential humidity.

– After 4 weeks, work a general purpose fertilizer into the prepared beds and plant the cucumbers out with a little of the rootball showing (this helps water drain away).

– The plants need the support of wires or strings as they grow upwards and outwards.

– Stop the main stem when it reaches the roof and allow the cucumbers to develop on side branches, which should be stopped after 2 leaves.

– Grow all-female plants in order to avoid fertilization, which causes bitterness.

– Maintain high temperatures and humidity.

Harvesting cucumbers

Pick cucumbers when young and succulent, at about 30cm/12in.

Pests and Diseases

Glasshouse whitefly,  root rot fungi, grey mould.


– Green house growing

– Prefers sunny area

– sow seeds 1cm/0.5 inch

– thin to 90cm/3ft apart

– crop duration is 4 months