Supporting/Staking Houseplants

Climbing houseplants need to be supported and there are various ways in which this can be done. Ivies, for instance, can be tied to thin canes whilst the rather bushy vines, Rhoicissus and Cissus look better if they are supported on a framework made of either cane or plastic.

The vigorous growing but weak-stemmed Monstera and Philodendron on the other hand are shown to advantage if they are supported by a moss pole. This consists of a thick column of sphagnum moss which is either tied around a central cane or packed within a tube of plastic netting. Keeping the moss constantly wet ensures that the plants are growing in a favourably humid atmosphere. Furthermore the aerial roots of monstera are able to supply water to the foliage by absorbing it from the wet moss.

The flowering of climbing plants such as Hoya, Passitlora and Stephanotis is stimulated if the shoots are not allowed to grow vertically. Consequently, rounded wire hoops provide the best support for these plants.