Worm compost bins

Worm casts are very rich in nutrients in a form that is readily available to plants, so the compost produced in a worm box is closer to a fertilizer than a compost. The worms used are brandlings which are used by fishermen, and are available from fishing shops. In the base of the box, place a layer of moist compost, shredded newspaper or leaves. Feed the worms with a mixture of chopped-up vegetable and kitchen waste,  include sonic protein which they also need.

Animal manure is also suitable. Do not add huge quantities of material, no more than a 7.5-cm/3-in layer per week. Add some calcified seaweed because the worms do not like acid conditions. The worms will work best between 13-25C/55-77F and will die in freezing weather so cover the box with old carpet to insulate it. Some of the compost can he removed after 2 months.